Frequently Asked Questions

Basic rules for Commodity selling:

  1. To start buyers' procedure the credible FCO for first delivery is needed.
  2. Advanced commitments for Commodity buying are not allowed.

1. How can we start business collaboration and the procedure?

Buyers' procedure basics:

  1. First delivery FCO issued from owner/exporter/refinery.
  2. Buyer/Seller performing negotiations to set the acceptable selling/buying price.
  3. First delivery CPPO Pre Agreement document authorisation from both parties.
  4. Seller implements first shipment export procedure and delivery procedure.
  5. First shipment delivery destination options are Port Ploce, Port Koper, Station Ljubljana.
  6. Goods final quality inspection in destination port/station.
  7. Credible payment guarantee issued from buyer.
  8. Unloading goods to the buyers' storage.
  9. Payment.

To start buyers' procedure the Commodity Owner/Exporter's email address is needed.


2. Are you Endbuyer or Mandate?

Petroleum Global International is Endbuyers Corporation.

PGI Corporate members' Brands (among others): 

Fuels, Gas, Petrochemicals, Agrochemicals, Bitumen, Urea, Plastics Granulates, PE Polyethylene, PP Polypropylene, PET Teraftalat, PVC Polyvinyl Chloride, PS Polystyrene, Jet Fuel, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Gasoline, D2 Gas, D2 Diesel, Ultra Lov Sulfur Diesel, Liquefeid Petroleum Gas, Liquefeid Natural Gas, Kerosene, BLCO, Rebco Gost, Mazut, Etc.


3. Are you able for Skype/Phone conversations?

Due to PGI Endbuyers' Corporation policy phone conversations for professional negotiations are not needed. Skype TTC conversation shall be arranged after the first delivery documentation will be completed. Basic documentation: Credible Owner/Exporter's FCO Full Corporate Offer, Coordinated Petroleum Offer CPO Contract authorisation, Proforma Invoice, Etc. Skype/Phone TTC may be implemented before export procedure, but with commodity owner/exporter authorised representative only.


4. What is Incoterms DAP?

DAP = Delivered At Place. For Incoterms DAP Details view Wikipedia HERE. DAP = Full CIF.


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